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What is a Success Puzzle Anyway?

Life is just like a puzzle. That's exactly what I said to a group of 54 prisoners in the Morgan County State Prison a few years ago. I was describing how you have to have a clear image of your future to work with, just like with a puzzle. If you had a puzzle you were trying to put together you would need an image to work with, wouldn't you? Imagine trying to assemble a puzzle without an image on the box cover to work with. You'd have no idea where any piece went, it's the same in life.You have to have something to work with. Now I'm a firm believer that God has gifted each one of us with unique talents and abilities. I also believe it's our duty and purpose too discover these gifts and talents and abilities and to develop them as much as we possibly can. I also believe there is a system to it, just like assembling a puzzle.Ever tried to put together a puzzle? They can be intimidating can't they, especially the bigger ones that have more pieces. But you begin with the corners and edge pieces right? And you are constantly looking at the image on the box cover, right. We're looking at just about every piece to see where they go. It's the same with dreams. When you have a big dream, it can be scary and overwhelming at times. At times you begin to feel like quitting because, just like a puzzle, it seems to difficult - its just not coming together. Sometimes we have to take a break and come back to it later. In the mean time we're thinking and learning how to put it together. You see I believe are of your dreams are attainable and achievable, but we must apply certain principles, and each piece of the success puzzle is a principle we must learn to recognize, apply and master. Principles like vision, faith, a positive mental attitude, persistence, having a pleasing personality, being enthusiastic, having self-discipline and, and being able to make decisions, having personal initiative, going the extra mile, and thinking accurately only to name a few. To many times we let fear and doubt rule our lives and we procrastinate. We think we have to do everything, because we can't trust anyone and or they won't do it right, or they'll take advantage of us. But the truth is we can't do everything. It's impossible, and that's an ingredient for failure. We all need help, we all need advice from other successful people, we all need encouragement and camaraderie. Other pieces of the success puzzle are allowing others to help and encourage, believing in our selves, having a great self image, and being able to communicate as well as listen. You see we are, if we are seeking to improve ourselves and our lifestyle, we are changing and transforming our lives daily. Focus is another important piece of the success puzzle. Mike Murdock says " The reason people fail is because of broken focus."There are lots of pieces of the success puzzle. It can be intimidating and difficult. If it were easy everyone would be successful. You can learn how to assemble a life where your dreams are accomplished and fulfilled, and you are happy, content and successful.Believe and remember Napoleon Hills maxim: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve".

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