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10 Steps to Building Your Faith and PMA

The following text is taken from Napoleon Hills book "Keys to Success", Chapter 4 entitled Applied Faith

Step 1 Adopt a definite major purpose, and begin at once to attain it. Know what you want and get busy creating it.

Step 2 Affirm the object of your Desire through prayer, morning and night. Inspire your imagination to see yourself already in possession of it. You will achieve precisely the success you can envision for yourself.

Step 3 Associate as many as possible of the ten basic human motives with your definite major purpose. Give yourself a compelling motive for doing what you want to do. Then renew that motive by bringing it up in your mind as often as possible on a daily basis.

Step 4 Write out a list of all of the advantages of your definite major purpose, and call them into your mind as often as you can. This will make you success-conscious by the power of self-suggestion.

Step 5 Associate with people who are sympathetic with you and your major purpose; get their encouragement.

Step 6 Don’t let a day pass without making at least one definite move toward attaining your major purpose. Keep up the persistent action.

Step 7 Choose a “pacesetter.” Pick someone prosperous, self-reliant, and successful, and make up your mind not only to catch up with that person but to pass him or her by.

Step 8 Surround yourself with books, pictures, mottoes, and other suggestive devices. Pick things that symbolize and reinforce achievement and self-reliance. As you build an atmosphere of support, keep a notebook handy to jot down the things you hear and read that inspire you.

Step 9 Never run away from disagree circumstances. Fight them with all of your resources right where you stand and without a moments delay. Remember, you are what you are and where you are because of the dominating thoughts in your mind.

Step 10 Recognize that anything worth having has a definite price tag. Anything worth having is worth working for. The price of self-reliance is eternal vigilance in applying your faith.

Close the door of fear behind you and you will quickly see the door of faith open before you.

Taken from Napoleon Hills book “Keys to Success” Chapter 4 Applied Faith

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